Magellan POI File Editor is able to load and export only 10.000 POIs in a category. Our speed camera database on the other hand contains more than 40.000 stationary speed and red light monitoring systems for Europe. You therefore have to limit your selection to countries that are essential to you. Please use our European speed camera statistic to help you making your decision.

  1. Before starting the download please select the countries. Start downloading and save the file to your hard drive.

  2. Please unzip with a suitable program in a target folder of your choice on your computer. In our example, we choose the folder "C:/temp/magellan".

  3. The unzipped files can be found in your selected folder now (in our example it is "C:/temp/magellan").

  4. Switch on your Magellan RoadMate and connect with USB cable to PC.

  5. Please start the software "Magellan RoadMate Tools" and click POIs button.

  6. Click the correct icon to create a new POI file (take a look to notes on the right).

  7. Then "Magellan POI File Editor" will start automatically. Please go to File | Open and select data format ASCII Files (*.ASC ; *.CSV ; *.TXT). Search for the folder which contains the unzipped files (in our example it is "C:/temp/magellan"), choose the file Speedcams.csv and confirm your choice with Open!

  8. Select "Semicolon" in the following window and click Next.

  9. You have to refer names to each column! The first column is indicate Longitude, the second column Latitude and the third column Name. After that click Finish.

  10. Click Default category with right mouse button and select Modify.

  11. Please copy the submissions from our illustration in your "Edit category". Confirm with OK.

  12. Go to File | Save As... and save this category on your hard drive. The default folder is "My Documents/My POIs". In our example we save the file Speedcams.MGLN in suggested folder. After that please finish "Magellan POI File Editor" and go back to "Magellan RoadMate POI Manager".

  13. Export the file Speedcams.MGLN to your navigation system.

  14. Disconnect your navi with PC. Go to system settings, open the following menu Navigation Options/Configuration/Custom POI's/... and select the POI file Speedcams.

  15. Please go back to main menu. Now your Magellan navi is ready to be used for warning!