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  1. Sign in and go to product page for Nissan Connect. Push Download button and save the file to your hard disk.

  2. Unzip the file with a suitable program to a target folder of your choice in your Windows computer. You will get unzipped file nissan_connect.csv.

  3. Use an USB stick smaller than 1GB.
    Reformat the USB stick as FAT (not: FAT32 or exFAT). Do not use the quick format option.
    Reformat before using is strictly recommended.

  4. Create a new folder called myPOIs onto the USB stick.

  5. Create a new subfolder called myPOIWarnings in the the first folder.

  6. Copy file nissan_connect.csv to USB stick into directory "[USB stick]/myPOIs/myPOIWarnings". See screenshot.

  7. Connect the USB stick to your navigation device.

  8. Normally it will indicate new POI files automatically.
    If not: Click Setup key and go to menu Navigation > MyPOI Settings > Download MyPOIs Now. Push Download button to install our speedcam database in your Nissan Connect. Note: That step overwrites older MyPOI files in the internal memory of your Nissan Connect!

  9. Finally you should enable the acoustic alert.
    Go to menu Navigation > MyPOI Settings > MyPOI Warning and select ON & Beep.

    We recommend to check that menu too: Navigation > Guidance & Map Settings. There is also an option for MyPOI Warning (select ON & Beep).

  10. We would much appreciate to get pictures of your device when you have an other software version.
    Please write us an email to Thanks in advance.

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