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  • It is recommended that you have LG Navigation version and up to use the Speed Camera database. Destinator Technologies cannot be responsible for performance problems if you download the Speed Camera database for LG Navigation versions prior to


  1. Please log in to and go to the plug-in page for LG N10. Before starting the download you have to select your desired countries and choose one of the possible options for images (we recommend: split into all categories). After that push Download button and save the file to your hard disk.

  2. In our example we save the file in the folder "C:/temp".

  3. Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - to a target folder of your choice in your computer. In our example, we selected the folder "C:/temp/SafetyCamera".

  4. Now the folder "C:/temp/SafetyCamera" contains all unzipped files in *.bmp format and *.csv format (every file stands for one speed camera category).

  5. Switch on your LG N10 device and connect it to the PC over the USB cable. Now the LG device is shown as a new drive in your computer.

  6. Go to the folder .../LGE/LGENavi/UserData/Favorites in your LG N10 and delete all files with the words "Safety Camera".

  7. Start the software LGE PC Portal on your computer. Go to Import Favorites in the main screen.

  8. Search for the folder which contains the unzipped files (in our example "C:/temp/SafetyCamera"). Mark all *.csv files and click Open.

  9. Click Import to import all files into the LG device. Then you can finish the software LGE PC Portal with Exit.

  10. Copy all unzipped *.bmp files from the folder "C:/temp/SafetyCamera" to your LG N10 in the folder ".../LGE/LGENavi/UserData/Favorites".

  11. Disconnect the LG device from the computer and reboot the device.

  12. Go to My Places in the main menu of the LG N10 and enable Safety Camera. Set also a distance for the 1st Alert and 2nd Alert.

  13. So when you browsing Map Screen in a suitable zoom level, you can see the speed camera icons. Meanwhile, the speed camera location alerts are automatically enabled, providing an alert when you are in close proximity to a speed camera.


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